Freezing avocados 

I recently posted an Instagram photo (@theweighiwanttobe) that was rather simple:

Just a ziploc bag of avocados.. I said I was going to try freezing them because they were all ripe at once and I wouldn’t be home to eat them. I only had 90 followers and would usually get around 30 likes a photo.. somehow I gained over 100 followers and over 700 likes on such a simple photo! People take their avocados much more seriously than I previously thought. So here is a photo of an avocado pulled from the freezer and then thawed and mashed: 

The avocado only slightly oxidized and retained its flavor/texture. Definitely pick up a few and freeze them next time they’re on sale! A few tips to try next time: 

  • Rub avocado with olive oil to prevent oxidation 
  • Rub avocado with lemon juice to prevent oxidation
  • Use a seal-a-meal to prevent air from getting to them

Hope this was informational and you now have delicious avocados ready for you! 


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